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First ASNP Special Symposium on Curcuma Suggestions are opened!

Organized by

Hosted by ASNP Thailand Chapter

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Tumeric, Curcuma longa, is one of the most popular natural products being used as functional foods, cosmetics and herbal medicines. ASNP initiates the effort to harbor the academic activitywith Curcuma, by lauching the special symposium series . Experts working on Curcuma, any themes including cultivation, industry, taxonomy, biological activity, metabolism, clinical study, and more, will be invited to discuss about future direction of Curcuma research and industry. The invited speaerks will contribute reviews and research articles, which will be edited for the production of monograph by ASNP. The printed book will be available to ASNP members and others at different prices.


Date: Sometime in December 2018 or January 2019


Area: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Tentative Program:

Day 1 ASNP Members' hour

            ASNP Officers Meeting

Day 2 ASNP Symposium on Curcuma "Future direction of Curcuma Research and Industry"

            Each Invited speaker presents 20 min

            Group discussion 1 hr

            Closing remark


           Contact to Jaehong Han asnpmail@gmail.com


The 3rd Korean-ASEAN graduate workshop on Natural Product Research

June, 2019

Phytobean AC Ltd, Yechon, Korea





Bali, Indonesia




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