The 7th International Conference on Natural Products

The Beginning of Asian Wave

Guideline for Student Oral and Poster Presentations


Student Oral Presentation

*Student oral presentation will be on Oct 18, Thursday only beginning at 16:50pm. The schedule of each presentation was announced on NATPRO7 program.

* The oral presentation material should be on MS Office PowerPoint file format.

* Each student presents  10 minutes, and 2-minute qeustion and comment will follow.


Poster Presentation

* All posters will be setup in Crystal Hall in the morning of the designated presentation date.

* Poster abstracts with P1 - # will be presented on Oct 18, 13:00 - 14:00 pm.

* Poster abstracts with P2 - # will be presented on Oct 19, 11:20 am - 12:20 pm. 

* The number of poster abstract can be found from the Program.

* For the evaluation of the posters, P1 posters should be removed after 15:00 pm on Oct 18, and P2 posters should be removed after 13:00 pm on Oct 19.

*The dimension of poster board is 90 cm (w) X 150 cm (h), and poster should be within the board. (Adhesive tapes will be provided in the room)

*Any formats of posters fit in the poster board will be acceptable.

*Poster should contain Title, Authors, and the Affiliations. It may include Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Acknowledgements.

*Underline the name of presenting author in the poster.

*Font sizes should be big enough to be readable from 2-meter distance.

*Poster presenter should be in front of poster during the presentation hour.


Questions regarding to presentation guide: asnpmail@gmail.com


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