GinsengBean is the premium ginseng products brand of Phytobean born for the Korean high-quality ginseng products only for international markets. GinsengBean foods use only selected organic or GAP ginseng which passed 245 residual pesticides test and high standard ginsenoside analysis to served international premium customers. Ginseng is known to help recover vitality and boost immune system that customers can enjoy their healthy life.


GinsengBean Ginseng Tea

GinsengBean ginseng tea was produced from 100% organic Korean ginseng. You can prepare the tea with hot or cold water and the amount water can be varied depending on your preference. The ginseng granule in the teabag also can be enjoyed after drinking tea.

- For the flavor-rich ginseng tea, add 200 mL of 80~90 water and wait for 5 – 10 minutes. A teabag can be used 2 – 3 times.

- For cold mild ginseng tea, add a teabag into 1-L of bottled water or mug. Add water several time to drink enough ginseng tea. To enjoy ginseng tea during the workday, keep the bottled water with a teabag in the fridge in the previous night. You can take a ginseng tea for the work.


GinsengBean Ginseng Honey Slice

GinsengBean Ginseng Honey Slice was prepared with the GAP-cultivated Korean ginseng after soaking in the honey. You can take a sachet with you and enjoy during the work. Take 2-3 slices at a time with GinsengBean Ginseng Tea for the best taste.


GinsengBean Premium Ginseng Set (PGB201701S) $100.00: Each box of Ginseng Tea and Ginseng Honey Slice




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