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The Asian Society of Natural Products


The On-line Registration for NATPRO7 is now closed, and only on-site registration is possible during NATPRO7.

The promotion for ASNP Membership Due reduction ends on September 15, 2018. Please check the updated Mebership Due below.

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ASNP Membership Application




Asia, comprised of more than 40 countries and 4.5 billion of population, forms the biggest economic community in the world with the largest number of producers and consumers. New market related to the natural products research, such as food, pharmaceutical, and medical industry, is fast expanding in Asian region. But, the values of such changes and developments are not shared equally. Therefore, Asian researchers in every country are now to communicate and collaborate to pioneer the new frontier of the world natural products research and industry.




Provide experts opinion to the governmental policy making process to benefits Asian natural products applications;

Host academic conferences to encourage information exchange among the natural products scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs;

Educate the next generation natural products scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.


Constitution of ASNP


Bylaws of ASNP




Board Members

Anton Bahtiar                          Universitas Indoenesia                 Indonesia

Hyun Jin Han                            HanDong Herb                                Korea

Hor-Gil Hur                               GIST                                                  Korea

Sonia D. Jacinto                      University of Philippines               Philippines

Sooil Kang                                GIST                                                   Korea

Suncheol Kang                         Daegu University                             Korea

Jonggi Kim                                Chung-Ang University                     Korea

Mihyang Kim                            Phytobean AC Co. Ltd.                   Korea

Somi Cho Kim                          Jeju National Univesrity                Korea

Jongseok Lee                           GBSA                                                  Korea

Sanghyun Lee                          Chung-Ang University                     Korea

Kihun Park                                GyeongsSang University                 Korea

Heungsop Ship                         Korea Polytechnic Univesrity       Korea

Bungorn Sripanidkulchai        Khon Kaen University                    Thailand

Supayang Voravuthikunchai   Prince of Songkla University        Thailand


Contact Persons (Secretary of ASNP)

In general             Jaehong Han                jaehongh@cau.ac.kr

Thailand                Kanit Vichitphan         kanvic@kku.ac.th

Indonesia              Anton Bahtiar             anton.bahtiar@gmail.com

Philippines            Sonia D. Jacinto          soniajac2008@gmail.com


Membership Application: please fill the form and send to regional secretary of ASNP by email.


                             Membership Application Form


ASNP supported by

    Office phone: 82-31-670-4830

    Office email: asnpmail@gmail.com

    Office address:

    The Asian Society of Natural Products

    Sujeong-gu, Bokjeong-ro 96, 30-0 1st floor

    Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Zip code 13112